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Dallas Rattlers and BU Alum Goalie Christian Carson-Banister - LGR Episode 56

Dallas-native Christian Carson-Banister is a two-year member of the Rattlers and 4 year D1 collegiate starter.

In this episode we break down his goalie game.

All the back to how he got his start. How he improved to eventually land at a D1 program. And he continues to get better to play Major League Lacrosse.

Although he spent a majority of the 2018 season on the practice squad, he made his first career MLL start on June 2 against the Chesapeake Bayhawks, making 13 saves on 27 shots faced.


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Team USA Goalie Jack Kelly - LGR Episode 55

Simply stated - Jack Kelly is one of the top goalies in our sport today.

Here are a few of his accolades:
  • Won gold medal as member of 2018 U.S. team
  • Kelly Award for Top Collegiate Goalie 2016
  • Two-time USILA All-American (first team in 2016, honorable mention in 2015)
  • First team All-Ivy (2015, 2016)
  • First team All-New England (2015, 2016)
  • Helped Brown to memorable final four run in 2016 when he led the country in saves (223) and save percentage (60.6)
  • Holds Brown career record with 673 saves...

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Navy Midshipmen Goalie Ryan Kern - LGR Episode 54

US Naval Academy goalie Ryan Kern joins the show this week to discuss his goalie career and life at the Academy.

As a redshirt Freshman Ryan was a starter in all 14 contests, closed out his rookie season with 125 saves which are the most by a Navy freshman goalkeeper since Mickey Jarboe.

In the following campaign, Kern was one of six Navy players to earn All-Patriot League recognition and closed out the season ranked 14th nationally in goals-against average (8.82), 34th in save percentage...

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The Lacrosse Goalie Arc: Your Key to Good Positioning

One of the key elements of being a great lacrosse goalie is your positioning.

That is - where you are in the goal when the shooter is about ready to rip one at you.

Along with your stance and your save movement, your positioning is one of the 3 key technical elements of lacrosse goalie play.

You could have an amazing stance and lighting quick moves to the shot but if you're not centered in the goal from the shooter's perspective, the likelihood of making a save is decreased.

In order to learn...

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What the Stoics Can Teach Us About Being a Lacrosse Goalie

Awhile back I spoke with Tim McGeeney for the podcast and the topic of Stoicism came up multiple times.

Stoici- what now?

For those that have never heard of Stoicism, the Stoics were a group of ancient philosophers dating back to 3BC.

Many modern Stoics consider this branch philosophy as guidance for how they live their lives now in the 21st century.

Remember Russell Crowe's man crush on Marcus Aurelius in the Gladiator?

Marcus Aurelius was one of the most famous Stoic philosophers whose writing...

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Talking Shop with BU Terrier Alum Goalie Tommy Connelly - LGR Episode 53

Tommy Connelly and I have known each for awhile now. He's actually written several posts for the Lax Goalie Rat blog including: He also helped me break down a lot of film over the years so it was a pleasure to finally get him on the podcast to talk shop for an hour.

Another goalie inspired by the great Tillman Johnson. Except Tommy was not inspired by him, he was coached by Tillman! He shares that experience!

As a film rat, he's studied more goalies and...

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Should Lacrosse Goalies Do CrossFit?

In my post on the perfect lacrosse goalie workout, I received an interesting question in the comments related to CrossFit:
Hey Coach, I’m a high school goalie in my junior year. For my PE credit with my school I’m doing CrossFit 3 days a week.My plan is to use these few months in CrossFit to get stronger and better conditioned, then basically live in the weight room and bulk up over the winter with my improved strength and stamina (I’m 5’8 and just over 140). My question is, do you think...

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1975 Kelly Award Winner Rodney Rullman - LGR Episode 52

At the age of 54, Rodney Rullman tried out the Bayhawks! Proving goalie knows no age limit. Although tell that to my old 39 year old body.

Back in his prime he won a national championship with Virginia in the 70's and had a marvelous goalie career. A three time All-American, a Kelly Award (nation's top goaltender) winner and tons of years of experience playing and coaching kids in net.

Many have called him one of the best goalie coaches in the world and in this conversation we get to tap his...

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Low Saves: Drop to Your Knees or Stay on Your Feet?

When we're talking about making low saves as a lacrosse goalie: there are 2 schools of thought.

Some coaches teach kids to drop down to their knees forsaving low shots.

Other encourage goalies to stay on their feet to make all saves - including those coming in at their ankles.

In this post I want to analyze the pros and cons of each style of making low saves.

Should you drop to your knees or stay on your feet to make low saves?

Dropping to Your Knees

Some goalies and goalie coaches prefer the...

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Complete Guide to Lacrosse Goalie Shooting Strings

A few weeks back I wrote a post analyzing the stick setups of the PLL starters.

Everyone is going with the STX Eclipse 2 head these days so one of the only variances among the stick heads is the shooting string setup.

Shooting strings in a goalie stick are sometimes an afterthought when stringing up a goalie head. But they impact your throwing ability heavily and the overall performance of the pocket.

Between nylons and hockey laces, straight across and U's, high and low placement there are lot...

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